Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the Michistyle hair straightening method?

Michistyle uses new, customized formulations and special irons to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair. For the best results, the new technology and techniques require an experienced professional. This process is also known as Thermal Reconditioning and, as recently mentioned in the New York Times, is a trend growing in popularity worldwide.

My concept includes: health, beauty, happiness and professionalism. If you are my client, you will have the opportunity to understand why we choose certain options for your hair. During our consultation process, we will work together to find the best results, including your overall health and beauty. This is not just about choosing which bottle to use on which day – it’s about balance, health, happiness, and beauty.

How is Michistyle different from other company’s straightening? And regular relaxer?

The difference is in the perfect combination of technique and products, to create a truly Expert Method. Most methods available today are the equivalent of using a sledgehammer for a task that should really be done with fine jeweler’s tools. Beauty requires finesse, and that is exactly what you will find with the Michistyle Expert Hair Straightening Method.

The Michistyle method includes the use of natural organic hair products for hair and scalp health.

What about other treatments like keratin straightening, etc?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few companies selling products that are toxic, carcinogenic, and just plain dangerous with ingredients like aldehyde, formaldehyde, etc. We will not put our stylists, staff members, or clients at risk with those kinds of products. Your health is more important than that.

Also, one of my long-term Straightening clients (maybe 7 years now) recently tried switching to the Brazilian treatment (of course, not with me because I don’t suggest that method) and when she came to me to show me the results 6 weeks later, her hair was still very curly, so it didn’t work, and it made her hair horribly limp. Even worse, I could still smell the toxic ingredients that were soaked into her hair from that process.

How long does it last?

Typically the Michistyle Expert Hair Straightening Method will last from 4 to 8 months, at which tiem you should set up an appointment to touch-up the new growth, at the roots.

What’s the cost?

Including a haircut and a Protein/Keratin Conditioning Treatment, the Michistyle Hair Straightening should cost between $500 and $800.

I would like to know if this system is safe to use while pregnant?

We highly recommend that you first contact your Physician before you decide to get your hair straightened during your pregnancy.

What can I do now to prepare my hair for BEST Results?

The inside structure of your hair needs strong amino acid proteins with a smooth outer surface; this is easily obtained with the proper products. If you want beautiful straight hair, you will get the best results by using natural organic hair products from Michi designed to match these needs. Michi has more specific suggestions here.

I have used other hair-straightening systems before. Can I still try Michistyle Straightening?

In any case, the Michistyle Straightening will only be added to new-growth section of your hair, by the roots. In this way, you’ll be able to start getting your hair treated in a healthy, beautiful direction, regardless of what may or may not have been done to it in the past.

If you’ve done a lye-based or sodium-hydroxide based relaxer, we suggest growing your hair out quite a bit first, and keeping it as healthy as possible.

michistyle hair straightening

Do I need to use special hair-care products after the Michistyle Straightening treatment?

You can certainly continue to use your favorite products that you have already, or you can ask for some suggestions when you come in for your consultation or appointment. In addition, there are some Mi-Chi Oil Treatments we have created to help with your ongoing care needs for beautiful hair.

How much does it cost to re-touch?

Usually the cost is slightly less to re-touch than for the original treatment. Actually, the re-touch is in some ways more technical, and requires about the same amount of time, and lots of attention is given to the previously treated sections of hair with MiChi Natural Organic Hair Care Products. See next question for more details.

When I get the new growth treated, do I need to do all the hair again?

Only the roots will need the Michistyle Straightening treatment, while the ends will not. The ends will receive a "protection" coating, to avoid unnecessary contact with the perm solution. Also, the ends will get a special conditioning treatment incorporating Michi Natural Organic Hair Care as indicated by your hair’s needs, which will add nutrients to your hair. In this way, with continued good care like this, your hair will actually get healthier and more beautiful with each visit to the salon.

What about color- treated / highlighted / bleached hair?

Michi has been very successful with color-treated hair. The most important consideration is your hair condition. Some highlights and strong bleach can sometimes be difficult to work with. It’s important to schedule a prior consultation, to make sure this process is right for your hair.

What if I want more body, or other styles after I have the treatment done?

You’ll be able to style your hair any way you like. The good news is, if you don’t want to take the time to style your hair, you’ll still have smooth, straight hair. It’s best to wait about a week after the treatment before trying new styles.

What if I don’t want super straight hair?

It is possible to do a Michistyle version of a "relaxer" treatment, but without the damage of a usual chemical relaxer. It’s also possible to go one step between “relaxed” hair and “straightened” hair. These methods will make your hair straight-er, but not pin-straight. 

It’s important to discuss what you want for your hair during your initial consultation appointment. The cost for these processes is also much less than the full Straightening treatment.

Is there a less expensive alternative?

As mentioned above, trying a Michistyle version of a "chemical relaxer" or the straight-er alternative is much less expensive. While your hair will not be as straight using this method as with the Straightening, these methods avoid the damaging effects usually resulting from other relaxer treatments. In general, the “relaxer” treatment starts at $300 and the “straight-er” treatment starts at $400, and actual prices will depend on your hair volume, length, etc.

What about short hair?

Although the process works for short hair, too, I recommend that your hair be at least 4 inches long. As the roots grow out, longer hair will have the weight to pull them straight for a while. Short hair will need to be touched up sooner.

Will I still need to blow dry my hair after the treatment?

Generally, you can expect to let your hair air dry, with great results. If you’d like to style your hair, or perhaps if you need to dry your hair more quickly, then of course, you’ll still have the choice of blow drying also.

Does this damage my hair?

All chemical processes, like colors, perms, and even straightening, have a negative effect on your hair. It’s important then, to minimize that damage and keep your hair as healthy as possible. One way is to only select the highest quality ingredients, as we have done for the Michistyle products.

With the Michistyle Method, your hair will look and feel healthy, but it’s still important to take care of the inside of the hair. Normal conditioners and even deep conditioning treatments provide a coating for the outside of the hair. The result is like applying make-up: it may look attractive, but it does nothing for your health. By using our deep penetrating Michi Natural Organic Hair Products, you are adding nutrients from the inside of the hair, creating true, natural beauty. It’s like eating healthy and exercising – inner, natural beauty is what you want for your hair.

I blow-dry / flat-iron a long time now … is it better to continue, or try Straightening?

Blow drying, brushing, and using a flat iron on a regular basis are all damaging to your hair. After you have an expertly applied Straightening, you won’t need to use these strong methods to style your hair the way you like. This way, over time, and given the proper ongoing care, your hair is likely to get healthier. Remember also that starting with healthy hair makes a tremendous difference. Expect that your hair will be as healthy after the process as when you first come to the salon.

Of course, any chemical treatment will have an effect on your hair. This is why it’s very important to only consider using the best-quality products, in the right mix, with the most up-to-date techniques and procedures.

Why have some people had bad experiences with this procedure?

Straightening Hair is one of the most difficult procedures to do correctly, and very few people have had the opportunity to specialize in the process. Most of the companies don’t or can’t teach the important details required to become an expert at this method; Michi is the first to teach the tips and secrets to help stylists become true masters of Hair Straightening.