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She grew up with huge frizzy hair, and spent so much time trying to tame her hair. Now, she spends just a few minutes to style, and it stays smooth even on humid days. She looks fantastic with Straight Hair!

She has very frizzy, coarse, curly, color-treated, hair – and she has a LOT of it!It’s a very typical Spanish type of hair. It came out very shiny, sleek, and manageable in 5.5 hours.

She has thin highlights and base color-treated hair.It came out manageable and smooth and took 4.5 hours.

The “before” picture was taken after I washed her hair, so it doesn’t look so curly, but she has very curly, puffy, big hair. It came out looking naturally straight, and took 5.5 hours.

She has medium-thick, curly, wavy, bleached hair. The ends were so over-bleached that this only came out about 90% straight: if there is not enough keratin left in the hair, it’s like dealing with a body with no bones – there’s no structure! Her hair came out very well for bleached hair.

Her hair is thin and soft, but it’s a lot of hair, and it’s very, very curly. After straightening, we wanted to show some styling: here we used hot rollers for 10 minutes. It’s straight, but with lots of bounce, and it looks beautiful on her. Her Straightening took 6 hours.

She has coarse, puffy, frizzy, color-treated hair. Again, to show styling, we used a large, round brush for a look that is very pretty on her. Straightening took 5 hours.