michistyle japanese hair straighteningHow would you like to have beautiful, shiny straight hair, without spending a long time using a blow-dryer and flat iron? What if you could style your natural hair for more body, curls, and flips in just a few minutes? Imagine being able to air-dry your hair without it becoming frizzy and “poofy”, even on humid days.

This is precisely what you can experience with professional hair straightening from a specialist with Japanese hair straightening, thermal reconditioning, and Japanese relaxer.

Because of Michi’s deep understanding of hair and the interaction of different products, she is a color and highlights expert. This is how she is able to achieve such beautiful colors without a dull lifeless result that happens to so many people.

She cares so much about high quality hair care that she has worked side by side with top chemists to develop her own line of straighteners, relaxers, and natural organic hair products. These are becoming the new gold standard for this increasingly popular styling trend.

Hair straightening used to be only about the look. The new generation of Michistyle products and techniques is so successful because she emphasizes these points: healthy, natural-looking, soft and silky feeling, naturally moving, beautiful straight hair. Michi cares most about safety and high-quality, to get the best results available.

This is not a one size fits all method: This ability to connect directly with the needs of each client’s hair is the most important lesson she learned from her mentor in Japan.

After years of helping clients achieve their best, beautiful hair, Michi has realized that there is simply nothing better than healthy hair – you will have better results if your hair is healthy. You can make it beautifully straight with Michi, but if you want top quality, she recommends choosing natural organic hair products for best results.