About Michi

When Michi came to America, she was shocked that so many people are so unhappy with their frizzy, curly, unruly hair. She wants every woman to enjoy playing with their beautiful, healthy, sexy hair.

This desire is what led her on the quest that has created the Michistyle Expert Hair Straightening Method. That Method is the combination of unique and expert technique + 100% natural miracle hair treatment.

Michi thinks of her work like “hair surgery” and knows how important hair health is. She says, “All results are based on hair condition” and will help you improve your hair condition to get the best results possible.

Michi has spent the last 12 years traveling back and forth to Japan, where this technology was developed, so that she could speak with and train with the chemists and top educators and presidents of companies on the cutting edge of development. Her philosophy is simple: use only the best products and techniques to create the healthiest and most natural results for your hair.